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Nayana Swain | 12th | AR

Bio: Hi! I'm Nayana Swain, a rising high school senior with extensive experience in all things STEM. I have now taken 9 AP Classes, w/ many perfect scores. I am well versed in Astronomy (have done many competitions and research on the topic), Statistics (scored perfectly on the AP exam), any mathematics (have taken all math courses through AP Calculus BC), and also experienced in English concepts (35 on ACT english numerous times + perfect score on AP Lang exam)

Expertise: Astronomy/Astrophysics (this is my passion), Statistics (I scored a 5 on the AP statistics exam), any math (I have taken all math classes through calculus BC), English and Writing (Scored a 5 on the AP Lang exam)

Stamili Lutake | 12th | AZ

Bio: Stamili Lutake , a high school student at Alhambra High School, is passionate about helping others. I’m in the top 5% of my class and involved in several extracurricular activities, including Academic decathlon, newspaper, and tutoring freshman in mathematics. Although I don’t have experience teaching, I do my siblings with their homework.

Expertise: I pretty strong in math, I already taken algebra 1 and 2, geometry, and pre calculus. All this were honor level and this coming year I will be taking calculus

Valerie Lais | 12th | CA

Bio: Hi I'm Valerie Lais, a high school senior from SoCal. My hobbies include drawing and going to the gym in my free time. Thanks for having me ^^!

Expertise: classes I have taken in the past: creative writing, basic human art anatomy. Topics most knowledgable: character design art, algebra I(II), US History, most math related things algebra II and under, Introductions to Calculus

Chestha Singh Bisht | 10th | IL

Bio: Hello! I am Chestha and I enjoy Math. I really love pushing myself to reach new limits and learn more about how the world around me works. I look forward to working with you!

Expertise: Algebra 2, Algebra, Geometry, Biology, World History, English, Computer Science (Python), Spanish

Shubh Varshney | 10th | IL

Bio: I'm a math and computer science enthusiast who loves problem solving and puzzles. I'm also interested in teaching people in the subjects of my strengths because I think that the more people there are that know something, the better it is for society. Right now, I am working towards making a mini-electronics lab in my house where I can do experiments.

Expertise: Mathematics(Up to Calculus), Biology(Up to Honors), Physics(Up to AP 1 & 2), Computer Science(Java, Python, C++, Digital Electronics).

Jahnavi Kari | 10th | NC

Bio: Hello, I’m Jahnavi Kari. I am currently a sophomore at Ardrey Kell High School in Charlotte, NC. I am also one of the co-founders of South Charlotte Mathify, the founder of The Talking Point, the founder and president of Project: Empower @ Charlotte, NC, and a student researcher with the North Carolina Student Academy of Science.

Expertise: Math up till Pre-Calc, Research, Science up until Bio I, Psychology/Behavioral Science, Economics, Politics, etc.

Madhuram Sharma | 9th | NC

Bio: My name is Madhuram, and I live in Raleigh, North Carolina. Teaching is a great passion for me, and I love seeing the glint in my listener's eyes when they grasp the concept I am attempting to convey. It is my firm belief that anything can be achieved with hard work and knowledge.

Expertise: Mathematics (Up to Calculus + Competition Math), Science (Meteorology, Physics, and Astronomy), Computer Programming (Python, CSS, HTML, Javascript, C#, C++), History (Thorough understanding of large major world conflicts)

Hardhik Atchakala | 12th | NJ

Bio: Hardhik Atchakala is a senior at Bridgewater-Raritan High School. STEM has always been an intriguing set of subjects to him even at a very young age. Learning more about programming languages like Python, Java, and TypeScript has empowered him to spread knowledge and develop various programs to help the global community. Hardhik enjoys leading Model United Nations, Varsity Track, and his school’s engineering team.

Expertise: Java, Python, Data Structures in Java, AP CSA, AP Stats, AP Physics 1, AP Calculus BC

Ananta Banerjee | 9th | NY

Bio: Passionate STEM mentor with a love for science and math, dedicated to inspiring and guiding kids in their educational journey. Equipped with a dynamic approach, I foster curiosity, critical thinking, and problem-solving skills to cultivate the next generation of innovative thinkers. Together, we'll explore the wonders of STEM!

Expertise: Biology, Earth Science, Pre-Algebra, Algebra 1

Mahir Hasan | 12th | NY

Bio: My name is Mahir Hasan. I'm a male Bengali student that's a rising senior at Brooklyn Tech. My hobbies are video games, social media, outside walks, exercise, and talking with friends. I hope to develop my skills in coding, like Python or Java, and CAD. I currently plan to pursue mechanical engineering or computer science in college.

Expertise: Regents Physics, AP Physics 1, Algebra 1 and 2, Python, Java, Robotics, Digital Electronics

Wardah Rahman | 12th | NY

Bio: My name is Wardah, I’m from New York, and I mentor in English Language Arts and Mathematics. My experience in teaching comes from assisting my peers when they had no math teacher available, but still needed to take final exams. My ELA skills are also very up to par and I find that I could bring my students success in both subjects.

Expertise: ELA classes, Pre-Algebra, Algebra 1 and 2, any lower math classes

Hannah Luke | 11th | TX

Bio: I'm a motivated high school student seeking to assist young students in STEM subjects primarily through teaching/tutoring. I have taken the most rigorous STEM courses available in high school so far and will be taking more in the future. I have ample experience tutoring other students in my school.

Expertise: Any math excluding Calculus and higher, honors biology, honors chemistry, AP Computer Science A, AP Statistics

Arjun Mahableshwarkar | 12th | TX

Bio: Hi, My name is Arjun Mahableshwarkar, a rising senior, and I'm currently pursuing computer engineering.

Expertise: Ap Physics 1&2, AP Calculus BC, AP Compsci A, Computer Science II advanced, Robotics

Anshul Subramanian | 9th | TX

Bio: Hello! I am Anshul Subramanian, from Houston TX! I am turning 15 soon, and I am very passionate about web design and front end design. As well as that, I had a biology teacher who challenged me heavily, so I know a lot of biology as well! These hours will go to the hours I need for a program on my school!

Expertise: Chess, HTML, CSS, Biology, Algebra, Touch System Data Entry, Dollars and Sense

Zaina Abu Hweij | 10th | WA

Bio: Hey! I'm Zaina, a STEM Scholars cofounder. My background includes interning at university research labs in computer science and physics departments. During these positions, I've contributed to the design and development of several applications. Through past experience in tutoring for the Camas School District, I’ve practiced being dependable and explaining technical concepts in a familiar, easy to understand manner.

Expertise: web development (React, Next, JS/TS), python, flask, AP CSA (Java, 5), AP Environmental Science (5), AP Human Geography (5)

David Li | 10th | WA

Bio: Hello! I'm mostly passionate about engineering and its related topics, and have extensively grinded and competed in related competitions: Scioly (placing 1st in Detector Building, 3rd in WiFi lab at state), AMC (AIME qualifier), SEF (1st place state). Excited to work with y'all brilliant minds of the future of America!

Expertise: Science Olympiad, Physics, Electronics, Engineering, Research, Math, Environmental Science

Florence Liang | 10th | WA

Bio: Hello there! My name is Florence Liang. I am currently vice president of SDAC. I am mostly interested in the engineering field, which includes disciplines like electrical, mechanical, and civil engineering. Most recently, I competed in Science Olympiad, placing 2nd in Green Gen and 4th in Detector Building at the state competition. I'll be able to help with projects regarding engineering and general physical sciences. I'm so excited to work with you guys in the future!

Expertise: Environmental science, Science Olympiad, Physics (E&M), Engineering, Research/general writing, Food science

Finnegan Wood | 12th | WA

Bio: I'm not that great at teaching people but I am really good at connecting with them. I feel I would do best mentoring students that are capable of understanding it on their own, but just need a push in the right direction. Also I really like pickles.

Expertise: AP Computer Science, AP Computer Science principles, AP Lang, AP Calc BC

Sophie Zhang | 10th | WA

Bio: Hi! I'm Sophie Zhang and I’m a cofounder of STEM Scholars. I'm very passionate about STEM and have participated and medaled in various STEM related activities including science olympiad, SEF (science and engineering fair), and competition math. I have lots of experience teaching and would love to help coach you on whatever you are interested in. Some of my hobbies include violin, tennis, and skiing.

Expertise: Environmental science, Math (up to Precalculus), Physics, Writing, Competition math prep, Science Olympiad prep

Sokhna Diop | 11th | International

Bio: Im 17, from South Africa, female

Expertise: AP Mathematics

Alexander Hyman | 11th | International

Bio: Hi! I'm Alexander. I'm a friendly Canadian that currently lives in California. One thing you'll notice is that I'm a huge math geek! I really do enjoy math and it is one of my many interests. If you ever have any questions, feel free to reach out! I'm always happy to help!

Expertise: I'm most knowledgable in US World History, I've taken AP US History as an extra credit class. I'm also knowledgable in Algebra 1. Math and History are my strong suits.

Prabhdeep Singh | 10th | International

Bio: Prabhdeep Singh is a ambitious high school student constantly seeking opportunities to grow and develop life-long skills. Prabhdeep is very interested by STEM, and actively keeps up with emerging technologies. In addition, Prabhdeep is also a Canada-Wide science fair medalist, and active in extracurriculars around his school.

Expertise: Programming (especially with Python), Math (mostly up to pre-calculus), a minimal amount of Quantum Mechanics/Physics (Superposition, Entanglement, and etc), a minimal amount of AI and Machine-Learning.

Ram Velpuri | 10th | International

Bio: Hello, I'm Ram, and I bring an enthusiasm for mathematics and coding, combined with exceptional teamwork skills. My profound understanding of these fundamental subjects fuels my commitment to guiding students in developing their skills. I am dedicated to fostering a supportive learning environment where students can thrive and reach their full potential

Expertise: I am proficient in coding languages like python, excellent at Math and Science.